About IET

Founded in 1991, IET is a services firm specializing in research, development and implementation of knowledge-based expert systems for decision support, information fusion, and modeling of complex phenomena. We have applied automated inductive reasoning techniques to surveillance, tracking, and command and control for military missions ranging from missile defense to anti-terrorist homeland protection. Today the IET staff includes applied mathematicians, computer scientists, knowledge engineers and subject matter experts that constitute a world-class team with a collectively broad technology vision. IET's product development approach is to create interdisciplinary teams that advance scientific discovery capabilities across defense, business, medical and industrial applications.

Provide client solutions by creating methods, software components and environments for scientific hypothesis generation, confirmation, prediction and decision-making.

IET delivers products and services that provide world-class solutions to customers' needs.

To produce those products and services, we continually innovate, achieving scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Our customer interactions and teamwork on projects demonstrate our commitment to our customers and our support for each other.

The work experience we create enriches us personally and enables us in turn to enrich our families and communities.