Quiddity*Services™ provide documented methodologies and processes for creating and implementing solutions. Quiddity*Services™ have been bundled for rapid application development, integration and deployment.

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Sample Quiddity*Services™ :
  • Solution Assessment
  • IET works with customers to develop an overall strategy and plan for solution development based on user goals and system requirements. This includes dividing the system into subsystems, where appropriate, estimating the level of effort and resources, scheduling, and determining deliverables.

  • Tool Selection
  • IET is familiar with many Bayesian network toolkits and can help select the most appropriate one to meet specific requirements. IET's broad partner base is especially useful for this.

  • Knowledge Elicitation
  • IET is experienced in eliciting critical information (Bayesian network structures, parameters, and overall knowledge) from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). In addition, IET has developed two classes of service offerings that complement this.

  • Modeling
  • A system model is composed of instances of reusable knowledge components and situation-specific evidence. Any one knowledge component may be used in a variety of system models. This view of the model is discussed with customers and revisited throughout the project.

  • System Development
  • IET designs and implements decision criteria and user interfaces, along with identifying data sources. The system is created, tested, and compared to the requirements specification.

  • Inline Integration with Existing Applications
  • IET engineers have deep experience in seamlessly integrating Bayesian solutions with existing applications for transparent operation and easy maintenance.

  • Technology Transfer and Training
  • IET offers technology transfer and training for all work products so that customers can independently support them.

  • Training
  • IET conducts professional training courses in Bayesian network technology (introduction and advanced level classes) and Quiddity™ products (user training, technical training, and model training). The course length depends on the chosen course and can range from a 1 day introduction to 5 days.