IET Commercial Collaborators

At IET we aim to assure that our R&D is always advancing the state of the art.  We incorporate our cutting edge technologies in our tools and ensure that our product-line meshes with our customers' tool-sets and practices. Effective R&D and commercial partnerships form a key component of this strategy. IET actively seeks opportunities to partner with the best in class from industry, academia, non-profit and Government sources. We have a track record of successful partnerships with a wide variety of industrial partners as prime, sub and associate contractors.

Alphatech, Inc.
As associate contractors, IET and Alphatech jointly developed evaluation challenge problems for DARPA s High Performance Knowledge Base (HPKB) Program. As a subcontractor under DARPA s Dynamic Data Base (DDB) Program, IET provided the DDB system with dynamic situation modeling functionality through the development of the Tactical Site, Group and Unit Detection and Aggregation (TSGUDA) architecture for DARPA's next generation fusion technology.

Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc. (BAH)
IET has successfully collaborated with the world-class staff of BAH for many years, including Dr. Chee-Yee Chong, an expert on a wide range of multi-target tracking algorithms including applications for ballistic missile defense, undersea surveillance, ocean surveillance, ground target situation assessment, air surveillance and space surveillance.

Cyberneutics, Inc.
The staff of Cyberneutics provides subject matter expertise for a variety of IET efforts. Areas of expertise provided include automated indications and warning, automated intelligence preparation of the battlespace, image understanding systems, and multi-source information fusion. In addition, Cyberneutics supplies expertise to IET in databases, enterprise portals, and distance learning standards and applications.

Digital Sandbox, Inc. (DSI)
DSI develops and sells a variety of commercial software applications in the areas of risk management, planning, simulation and situation understanding. IET teams with DSI to provide knowledge engineering services and the Bayesian Network Solution Engine (BNSE) component for DSI's Site Vulnerability Assessment product line.

Eclectic Computing Concepts, Inc. (ECC)
ECC provides high-quality, quick response software development and computer-based system integration services in the defense, interntional and commercial marketplace. IET supported ECC under the DARPA Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC) program. Working with ECC, IET evaluated the Air Force's CARVER model that is used in the Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP) system for target valuation. IET then expanded that model in breadth and detail utilizing our modeling and computational reasoning technology, and performed knowledge elicitation to populate the model. This technology was successfully transferred via RAAP to the USAF's Air Combat Command.

Leica-Geosystems are authors of ERDAS Imagine (commercial GIS and image processing software) and the Geospatial Light Table that provides image processing tools for imagery analysts. ERDAS software is used in the Army's Digital Topographic Support System (DTSS) and by numerous DOD mapping organizations. IET is teaming with ERDAS to provide map-based fusion tools.

International Biometrics Group (IBG)
IBG is a leading biometric consulting and integration firm with unmatched real-world experience in evaluating and recommending biometric technology solutions. IBG supplies IET with biometric domain expertise and test datasets to support our tactically-robust biometric identification technology development efforts.

Laser-Scan is an industry leader in providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions, and its industry-leading object-oriented application development software. Founded in 1969 the company has over 30 years experience in developing and producing GIS technology products for modeling, managing and analyzing spatial data. IET is integrating a computational hypothesis space that provides capabilities for advanced reasoning about geographic features distributed in time and space based on diverse sources of information into the LaserScan COTS GIS. This functionality can potentially eliminate the need for analysts to manually query and integrate evidence from a wide range of data products and other sources in order to reason about spatial features.

Raytheon Company
IET scientists provided Raytheon with breakthrough analyses and algorithms for advanced target tracking in dense and cluttered tactical environments. Raytheon has implemented IET solutions in multiple system prototypes for tactical warfare and missile defense.

Star Mountain
Founded in 1987, Star Mountain offers solutions for customized training design and development. IET partnered with Star Mountain to combine our inferencing technology with their training expertise to build state-of-the-art solutions for on-line learning.

Technology Deployment International, Inc.
Under subcontract in 2000, IET provided TDI with the approach to information fusion of multiple biometric signatures, a primary charter in the U.S. Federal Government's Center for Biometric Fusion, established in CY 2001 based on results provided by TDI.

Veridian, Inc. (now part of General Dynamic)
IET and Veridian collaborated on automated time sensitive surface target detection and tracking applications for over a decade. These efforts were initiated in a series of DARPA programs, and have been transitioned to the U.S. Armed Services through vehicles such as Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. IET developed challenge problems and evaluation scenarios with Veridian subject matter experts for DARPA s Evidence Extraction and Link Discovery Program.