The Application Information eXchange Environment (AIXE)

The problem of effecting data standardization and brokering for purposes of infrastructure protection is one that unavoidably involves a wide range of types of domain knowledge, data sources and client types. Furthermore, information requirements may be unpredictable but also require fast and efficient gathering of complete and reliable data. IET contends that this problem is inherently bifurcated. Solutions resulting in robust systems must involve both the implementation of semantically rich metadata standards and consideration of procedures to reason with imperfect query results.

In this effort, IET is developing a semantically rich metadata standard to use in marking up data sources within key infrastructure sectors (e.g., energy, telecommunications, transportation) and demonstrating how this can result in efficient and accurate data matching between client needs and source. We are also leveraging our experience in Bayesian reasoning to offer unique solutions to the semantic interoperability problems by developing methods to reason about knowledge credibility from network and metadata information as well as extract useable knowledge when query results are imperfect.