Evidence Extraction / Link Discovery (EE/LD)

IET has been a key contributor on DARPA's EE/LD program from the beginning. IET is supporting:

  • Challenge problem domain selection,
  • The design and development of performance tasks to exercise the EE/LD technology being developed under this program,
  • The specification of the challenge problem task including collection and/or generation of EE/LD technology inputs and output,
  • Evaluation design,
  • Evaluation environment development,
  • Evaluation administration, and
  • Analysis and reporting of results.
One of the challenges that IET has met in this program includes the continuous evolution of designs as the EE/LD program progresses from measurement and evaluation of simpler techniques in earlier years to whole components in the out years. Another challenge is the development of metrics for techniques and components in Evidence Extraction, Link Discovery, Pattern Learning, and their mutual evaluations.