Information Assurance (IA)

IET has been involved with DARPA's Information Assurance Program from its inception. IET developed the Security Situation Assessment and Response Evaluation (SSARE) application as a part of DARPA's Command and Control (CC2) section. SSARE uses IET's computational inferencing technology to perform wide-area situation assessment and response evaluation for military operations responding to real-time cyber-event information. Field trials for this technology took place in December, 2001. For the Information Assurance Systems Engineering Technology program, IET explored the high-level system structure of complex computer networks and that structure's implications. IET's Information Assurance Cyber Ecology project applies ecological and epidemiological methodologies to the analysis of large-scale computer networks. These networks are viewed as complex, dynamic, self-organizing systems formed by many interconnected components. In this project, IET is developing metrics for a "big-board" view of network health based on the emergent qualities of the network and its response to the infectious spread of malware and attack. Both the SSARE and Cyber Ecology projects were successfully transferred to the Cyberpanel arm of DARPA's 3GS (Third Generation Systems) program.