Rapid Knowledge Formation (RKF)

IET is currently performing challenge problem development and evaluation management for DARPA's Rapid Knowledge Formation (RKF) program. For this program, IET annually develops and administers challenge problems (CPs) in which lightly trained subject matter experts (SMEs) use previously built knowledge bases and knowledge authoring tools developed by RKF's two integration teams. These tools allow subject matter experts to author knowledge bases directly without the intervention of professional knowledge engineers. IET's role is to provide qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the knowledge authoring tools developed under the RKF project. RKF includes two main CP categories: "Textbook" and "Expert." The Textbook CP specification designates material from an undergraduate biology textbook for knowledge authoring in the biological warfare domain. The resulting knowledge bases are expected to answer questions of the same sort that a student might be asked based on the chapter's contents. The Expert CP specification designates only a (relatively circumscribed) general area of biology, leaving it up to the authoring experts to decide what sources to draw on, what material to include, and what questions the resulting knowledge base should be able to answer.