Is It Worth a Hoot? Qualms about OWL for Uncertainty Reasoning

Authors: Michael Pool, Francis Fung, Stephen Cannon, Jeffrey Aikin


Information Extraction and Transport, Inc. (IET) is developing the Knowledge Elicitation Environment for Probabilistic Event and Entity Relation (KEEPER) system, a tool for eliciting, storing, updating and implementing probabilistic relational models (PRMs). The KEEPER elicitation component implements a single ontology for purposes of constraining and guiding elicitation and for purposes of providing the semantic bedrock for the reintegration of diverse knowledge sources for reasoning and learning. We have used an extension of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) to implement the ontology and the tools for PRM representation and we describe the main features of that extension in this paper. This paper offers an informal characterization of OWL_QM, an extension of OWL that supports the representation of PRMs. It is intended to motivate discussion as to whether OWL is an appropriate foundation for addressing the challenge of addressing uncertainty on the Semantic Web.

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