Hugin - IET Training


IET has teamed with Hugin Expert to deliver three days of Hugin training at IET offices in Arlington, Virginia. Hugin Expert trainers provide the first two days of training on the Hugin tool kit and IET provides the third day of training for application development and implementation.

Hugin’s portion of the training covers Bayesian Networks, how to build knowledge bases using Hugin’s graphical user interface, how to analyze results, and programming using the Hugin Decision Engine. It contains a large number of examples, exercises, and hands-on experiences. There are both theoretical and practical exercises. The practical exercises are solved using the Hugin Developer (trial version). For more information on Hugin’s portion of the training and to enroll, please visit

IET's portion of the training class is built in conjunction with Hugin's portion. It centers on a methodology that IET successfully uses on customer sites. It is illustrated by a vertical example that is evolved through the course.

For an in-depth look at the course structure, please see the Hugin-IET Brochure.

Next Class

The next class will be held in IET's Training Room, located in Arlington, Virginia on 26 - 28 September. To sign up, download the US Registration Form at

Hugin Module Objectives

When the trainee completes this module s/he will have acquired the following knowledge, methodologies and capabilities:

• Fundamental understanding of Bayesian networks and influence diagrams.

• Fundamental understanding of the modeling process, including object-oriented modeling.

• Methodology and templates for model development, including tips and tricks for improving model efficiency.

• Capability to apply the Hugin Graphical User Interface for efficient model development.

• Capability to program with the Hugin Decision Engine for application development.

IET Module Objectives

When the trainee completes this module s/he will have acquired the following methodologies and capabilities:

• Capability to plan and execute a project involving solving a problem or performing a reasoning task under uncertainty.

• Methodology for proceeding through the project in an organized, structured manner.

• Methodology and templates for project planning tasks.

• Capability to apply methodologies, templates, and Hugin software in a classroom example set up to model a real-world project.